Monday, 21 December 2015

Happy New Year 2016 Greetings for Love in WhatsApp

Posted by Paul Walker
Here you can find about Happy New Year 2016 greetings for love. You can also download Happy New Year greeting cards for girl friend/ boy friend. This article is about greetings for happy New Year 2016.

It’s time for reflecting on things that needs to be improved. One can reflect on the mistakes that has been committed by oneself and things that needs to be improved.

Happy new Year 2016 Status Quotes for Facebook

New Year greetings for love 2016 are needed for the moment and that has to be seriously considered. We can also think about many savings that inspire us for the betterment of the partner. When it is being shared in social media like Happy New Year 2016 greetings it can’t get better. Happy New greetings for WhatsApp allows us share with our love  that will inspire one and all.

Happy New Year 2016 Greetings for WhatsApp would also inspire many people on the beautiful occasion and rightly said it would also give thought-provoking ideas to one and many. Here are the Happy New Year 2016 greeting cards for WhatsApp and hope you enjoy it.

Happy New Year 2016 Greetings for Love

happy New Year Greetings For BoyFriend: You have given me everything in 2015 to see me happy and smiling and I know 2016 will become more beautiful and joyous with you on my side.

Happy new Year 2016 Wishes for Boy Friend: When I will look back at 2015, I will always cherish the sweet memories that we have shared, the weird things that we have indulged in together, the mischievous acts we have performed and the love you have given me. Hope you will continue being the essential part of my life in 2016 and the rest of my lifetime.

As we step into another year, my love has become much stronger for you and it is this passion that has given new meaning to my life. Thanks for making wonderful memories in 2015 and being there by my side in 2016.
You filled up the chapters of life in 2015 with pages of love and hope you continue doing the same in 2016.
I love you more today than I did in the years gone by, but not as much as I will in the years ahead. Happy New Year 2016!
Your love has given me the courage to walk the less-traveled paths and to be the person I have always wanted to become.
Love can act in strange ways. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it gave me happiness and sometimes brought tears to my eyes but I know it will last till the end of time. Happy New Year!

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